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Maintenance is important

Because air conditioning and heating systems are among the most expensive components in any home, routine maintenance and enhancements are key to prolonging the life and increasing the efficiency of your equipment, as these systems degrade at a rate of 1% to 3% per year.

Dirt and neglect are the #1 causes of heating and cooling system failure,” according to Energy Star, a division of the EPA.

Heating and cooling systems, like cars, require regular tune-ups to avoid breakdowns and prevent costly repairs. HVAC systems require maintenance check-ups twice a year: 1) in the fall before you use your heating system and 2) in the spring before you begin or increase use of your air conditioner.

Regular check-ups help to ensure that systems are performing efficiently and that the comfort level of your home or office is optimum. They also extend equipment life, increase cost effectiveness, and ensure that systems are operating safely. More great reasons for annual check-ups for your heating and cooling systems:

  • Research reveals proper maintenance of heating and cooling systems can reduce energy bills by up to 20%!!
  • Check-ups help to ensure that central heating and air conditioning deliver the temperatures we want a variety of conditions and to deliver it consistently – all day long. Systems last longer when well maintained
  • Neglected air conditioners lose approximately 5% their efficiency each year that they operate without upkeep
  • Unmaintained systems can create fire and other serious health hazards from electrical shorts to carbon monoxide leaks or open flames in your home.


  1. Cooling: Primary Concern – Economy
  2. Change filters if available.
  3. Clean and calibrate thermostat.
  4. Check wiring and wiring connections.
  5. Lubricate blower motor (if required).
  6. Lubricate condenser motor (if required).
  7. Monitor running amperage of motors.
  8. Check unit for proper refrigerant charge.
  9. Check evaporator coil for cleanliness (if accessible).
  10. Check condensing coil for cleanliness.
  11. Monitor the start-up and running amperage of compressor.
  12. Monitor head pressure on compressor.
  13. Monitor for proper temperature drop.
  14. Check all safety controls.
  15. Check the primary and secondary drain lines.
  16. Check the drain pan.


Did you know that as much as half of the energy used in your home goes to heating and cooling, according to the EPA? Making smart decisions about your HVAC system – such as annual maintenance check-ups – can increase its efficiency and make a positive impact on your utility bills.

Often, people avoid regular maintenance because they anticipate that it will be expensive. But with All Around Heating And Air, you can expect routine maintenance for approximately $150 per year – or less with a maintenance agreement. Don’t wait until your system goes out and you’re suffering in the heat or cold to think about service, as you may pay more for an emergency call. Implementing an annual maintenance plan for your system pays for itself in lower costs, fewer repairs and more efficient operation. Plus the added benefit of less aggravation! Call us today to set-up your maintenance agreement!



  1. Heating / Electric: Primary Concern – Safety and Economy
  2. Check fan belt and adjust if necessary.
  3. Check lower limit, high limit, and fan limit switches.
  4. Monitor complete cycle of unit.
  5. Clean and adjust pilot assembly.
  6. Examine burners.Examine heat exchanger for leaks or cracks.
  7. Check gas line at unit for leaks and proper installation.
  8. Check heat anticipator and adjust if necessary.
  9. Change filters (if available).
  10. Clean and calibrate thermostat.
  11. Check wiring and wiring connections.
  12. Clean Blower motor and airflow ports.
  13. Lubricate blower motor (if required).
  14. Monitor start-up and running amperage on motor.
  15. Monitor heating elements for proper amperage draw.
  16. Check heat sequencers for proper operation.
  17. Check all safety controls.
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