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Avoiding AC Repairs and high  utility bills

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We’re often asked by customers, “What can I do to prevent repair problems besides just changing the air filter?” They want to know if the breakdown could have been avoided and how. Here are a few more ways to help ensure your air conditioning system keeps up during the dog days of summer.

– Turn the system off when mowing grass nearby.

It doesn’t take much for lawn clippings to enter the outdoor coil, that’s the exterior wall of the outside unit, the air conditioner or heat pump. So when mowing nearby, turn the thermostat to off temporarily. It’s also a good idea to check around the equipment and clear any vegetation or brush away from the sides.


– Check to ensure all air vents are open and free from obstruction.

Proper airflow is critical for all air conditioning systems. Return air grills (where room air is brought back to the air conditioning system) are particularly important.


– Level the equipment pad.

As the area around the Air Conditioner or Heat Pump settles, the pad that supports the unit can unlevel.  It’s important for continued reliability that the Air Conditioner be level, or in the case of a Heat Pump only a slight slope occurs.  A professional air conditioning company can help in this area.

– Pest control can really help.

In many areas around the country, ants and bugs can be attracted to the electrical components within the outdoor Air Conditioner or Heat Pump.  These bugs may actually cause the unit to malfunction and not start.  An environmentally safe pesticide spread around the base of the unit can help prevent insect infestation.

– If you don’t have one yet, get a programmable thermostat now.

The EPA estimates that the proper use of a programmable thermostat can save as much as 15% more on the Air Conditioning portion of your home’s energy costs.

– For optimum comfort, it’s important for the Air Conditioner to have longer run cycles.

Longer run cycles (cycles = the length of time that the system operates to cool the home) helps remove more humidity from the air and provides a much more comfortable living environment.  Short cycles may not adequately remove moisture from the air and could lead to a “clammy” or “damp” environment. In many instances, the indoor air blower can be adjusted to provide maximum dehumidification, improving overall comfort.  A professional Air Conditioning company can help in this area.

– My number one suggestion? Get A Maintenance Agreement.

It is the most proactive approach to taking care of your central air conditioning system. Regular tune-ups from a qualified expert, just like having your car tuned, are required to keep the system operating smoothly and efficiently… especially during the months when it’s operating the most. Simply having a comprehensive tune-up from a qualified company could save up to 15% on your air conditioning costs during the peak Summer season.

Keeping the A/C coils of the cooling system clean makes a measurable difference in your energy bills and the longevity of the overall system. The coils circulate the refrigerant that makes cooling your home possible. When they’re dirty, their ability to exchange heat diminishes in proportion to the blockage.

The coils are inside the air handler and the outdoor condenser. The evaporator coil in the air handler removes the heat from the air, and the condensing coil loses it to the outdoors. When either coil gets dirty, it takes longer for the air conditioner to cool your home, driving up energy consumption, and may cause these problems as well:


  • Excessive compressor wear – The compressor circulates the refrigerant and pressurizes it so that it becomes a liquid. When dust covers the evaporator coil, it acts as insulation and won’t remove as much heat from the air. The refrigerant stays cold longer and can return to the compressor as a liquid. This strains the compressor and contributes to wear or part failure altogether.
  • Water damage – If the indoor coil (evap coil) is plugged due to dust and debris entering through the return duct, which is caused by dirty or simply no filter at all. This will cause your indoor coil (evap coil) to freeze up. Freezing  up means your evap coil will become a block of ice. When this occurs your systems will stops the cooling process. If the system doesn’t shut off immediately, the frost can overwhelm the drainage system, causing water damage to your home.
  • System stoppage – Both the evaporator and condensing A/C coils can shut the system off shortly after it starts. Not cleaning the condensing coil periodically insulates it, especially from a buildup of grass clippings on it or if it’s blocked by overgrown vegetation. This will cause high pressures which will cause your condenser fan to run harder and hotter and your compressor to run harder and shut down on internal overload.

The best way to avoid problems with either coil is to change the air filter routinely and hose off the outdoor condensing coil occasionally or having coil cleaning done by a professional  during the cooling season. Having your air conditioning and heating system serviced two times a year will reduce potential problems dirty coils can cause.

Keeping the A/C coils clean is essential for top performance. For professional assistance, Call All Around Heating And Air Long Beach, Ca. for all your heating and air needs.https://www.allaroundheatingandair.com